Our Mission

Our mission statement is simple:

     “Never Settle for Mediocrity”

We are continually striving to Master the quality of our products with the most advanced technology. Our pledge is to establish long lasting relationships with our customers and to be the premier distributor of water base ink cleaners in the world.

Welcome to Doss Specialty Products

Just over two and a half years ago Doss Specialty Products Inc. introduced Eco-Ice to the water based ink industry. Since that time business has increased significantly.  Eco-Ice is now being sold in 35 states and 9 countries. The most difficult challenge has been for potentially new customers to comprehend how a non-caustic cleaner will outperform their high caustic cleaner. Once they trial Eco-Ice they quickly see the amazing results.

With concerns of caustic cleaners damaging anilox rolls and containing chemicals that are a danger to our environment and your employees, Doss Specialty Products set the bar high. Our mission was simple, to develop a cleaner that had the capability of breaking down and rewetting dried ink as fast as the best caustic cleaners. With almost three years of proven success DSP has succeeded with Eco-Ice.   Not only have we succeeded but we have surpassed our expectations.  Our unbeatable emulsification qualities allow Eco-Ice not only to instantly break down Inks on contact but has the ability to suspend and prevent them from re-depositing, keeping your anilox cells and your pumps clean.

Eco-Ice has all but eliminated the need for deep cleaning products while improving print efficiency.  We have reduced down time and extended the life of your equipment while protecting the environment, equipment, and most importantly your employees.



Larry Doss